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How to sale my real estate


  • Advertising and marketing can be expensive.
  • Marketing real estate takes time, strategy and patience.
  • Effective marketing requires familiarity, knowledge, and expertise.
  • makes easier publishing ad for your real estate.

How to post real estate ad?

  • Choose your desired category to post free ad: Sale
  • You can choose from these categories: Sale, Buy, Replace, Rent, Looking to rent, Roommates, Services
  • Then you have to choose subcategory and location (country, state, city and address).
  • Also you have to fill basic information about estates like price, floor, courtyard area, year of build, bedrooms, bathrooms and so on.
  • You are able to choose from main extras for real estate like: air conditioning, pool, elevator, fireplace, garage, parking.
  • Or public extras like: near school, near kindergarten, near shop, near metro, mountain view, city view, seaview, park view.
  • You are able to attach 5 images. Each with max size 300 KB.