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How to find your desire real estate

  1. Start now. As you have probably already discovered, the fastest way of finding real estate is by browsing through various ads.
  2. Use our search engines for real estates ads: Sale, Buy, Replace, Rent, Looking to rent, Roommates, Services, Agencies
  3. Get a selection of the most suitable ones. When the real estate agent makes a selection of real estate that fit your wishes best. If your heart does not beat too fast, try to select your favourites.
  4. Visit the most beautiful ones. Until you finally find the place where you feel at home, you will probably go to a number of visits.
  5. Make a draft contract. The contract can be prepared by lawyer that specializes in real estate business, or you can propose your own lawyer or notary. If you are planning to get a mortgage on the real estate you are going to buy, the contract shall be reconciled beforehand with the bank's legal office.
  6. Sign the contract. After the contract is signed and the tax is deducted, the contract is certified by the notary.
  7. Pay the puchase price.
  8. The real estate is yours. After you have paid the purchase price, we will draft the handover minutes and carry out the handover of real estate. During the handover procedure, we shall check if the state of your new real estate is compliant to the contract and arrangement and make an inventory of municipal utility connections (electricity, gas, water) and counter readings.